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The general FAMILY data access procedure is as follows:

  • Fill in project initiation form*
  • Send to FAMILY WP2 leads (
  • WP will screen, and then send to Steering Committee (SC)
    1. If needed, WP2 will inform requester of special, cohort-specific procedures (see below)
    2. If needed, WP2 will bring to SC meeting for discussion
  • Once explicit approval is granted by all involved cohorts, project can proceed
  • If new team members present, Family DB Annex F (personnel)* must be updated
  • Fill in DRE Setup Form* to configure workspace and or VM as needed

*Form available in Keyways

Cohort-Specific Data Request Procedures

Generation R:

A data request must be filed with the Generation R Management Team. The FAMILY Project Initiation Form must be accompanied by a roughly ½ A4 description of the project. These forms can be mailed to the Generation R representatives in FAMILY (dr. Charlotte Cecil or dr. Ryan Muetzel), who will then obtain permission for the project from the GenR MT. 

ALSPAC: To be continued


In order to access ABCD data, a user must have a valid and current NDA ABCD Data Use Agreement on file. Please send this DUA to WP2 ( See the ABCD website for details on obtaining access:

Cohort-Specific Data Request Procedures