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Leibniz-Institut für Resilienzforschung

Team Leader

Prof. Raffael Kalisch

Professor of Human Neuroimaging and Head of Department
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Team Staff

Dr. Kenneth SL Yuen (PhD)

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Institute Presentation

The Leibniz Institute for Resilience Research (LIR) is a non-university research institute in the Leibniz Association. The LIR mission is to understand mechanisms of stress resilience and to harness them for better disease prevention.

The Kalisch lab at LIR focuses on neuro-cognitive resilience mechanisms and strives to develop a unified theory of resilience. Important tools are longitudinal cohort studies and laboratory neuroimaging studies.

In FAMILY, LIR will investigate mechanisms of resilience against stress-related disorders in children with mentally ill parents. We also support intra-consortial knowledge exchange, training, and collaboration.



Leibniz-Institut für Resilienzforschung
Leibniz Institute for Resilience Research
Neuroimaging Centre
Kalisch Lab
Wallstr. 7
55122 Mainz
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